S. N. Johnson-Roehr
Architectural Historian / Science Writer / Editor

Where I Am Now
My writing and editing portfolio stretches from pop music reviews to academic articles. I'm a former Associate Editor of Sky & Telescope, a leading science magazine, and am now Communications Director for Boston-based Ann Beha Architects. I'm a seasoned communications professional with a portfolio that includes social media campaigns, press releases, industry-focused mailings, mass-market newsletters, travel reviews, and more. Related projects include science writing and editing, academic editing, book reviews, scholarly articles, conference presentations, and web-based news posts. I earned a Ph.D. in Architecture from University of Illinois and have solid architectural design and construction experience. I'm currently working on a book project (Science Made of Stone) and developing a scholarly article on the relationship of settler colonialism to the history of astronomical observatories in the United States. I'm a native English speaker with strong language skills in Hindi and Russian and reasonable skills in French, German, and Urdu.

Please reach me by e-mail: snjr at snjr dot net

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